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No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

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No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman is the travel industry’s most exciting podcast. A fun, fast paced genre bending program peeling back the travel business veneer. 
Perfect for road warriors, leisure travelers and industry insiders, we look behind the scenes of the travel business by sharing stories, experiences, and with interviews featuring the industry’s biggest names.

Host Glenn Haussman is a well know travel industry personality, renowned industry speaker, writer, consultant, host of and contributor to

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Jun 16, 2019

First up is Lou Plasencia, Chairman and CEO of The Plasencia Group. He shares what hoteliers need to be thinking about when looking for deals and provides some great insight gleaned from decades in the business.

Then, Glenn sits with Sean Hehir, President & CEO at Trinity Investments, LLC, who provides insight on the...

Jun 1, 2019

First, Richard Mogensen, GM of Streamsong Resort, talks about crafting the 16,000-acre resort retreat and the importance of golf. Their three courses were just ranked #2, s#3 and #4 in Florida by Golfweek Magazine.

Then, Sarah Smart, VP Global Recruitment at Hilton, shares about how Hilton finds the right people to fill...

May 23, 2019

"It's like discovering a map that will take you to buried treasure that you didn't realize existed."  In this episode, with the help of our very special guest, Glenn and Estella, simplify what AI and machine learning 'is doing' and 'will do' for hotels.

Guest: Roberto Battiti, University of Trento

May 19, 2019

First, Bruce Ford of Lodging Econometrics and Glenn are in Las Vegas. Plus, they discuss hot hotel markets.

Then, Dan Yates, CEO of discusses entering the U.S. market, the largest camping market in the world and how he’s looking to shake up the travel market.

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Apr 21, 2019

Michael Stengel, SVP, The Gaylord Hotel Brand at Marriott International reveals everything you need to know about the Gaylord hotel brand and its strategy.

First, Glenn speaks with hotel owner and entrepreneur Rupesh Patel in an interview guaranteed to make you smarter. Visit

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