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No Vacancy Live and No Vacancy News


No Vacancy Live is the travel industry’s most exciting podcast. A fun, fast paced genre bending program peeling back the travel business veneer. 

Perfect for road warriors, leisure travelers and industry insiders, we look behind the scenes of the travel business by sharing stories, experiences, and with interviews featuring the industry’s biggest names.

The show is hosted by Glenn Haussman, a well know travel industry personality, renowned industry speaker, writer, consultant; and Anthony Melchiorri who had a successful 10 year run hosting Hotel Impossible on the Travel  Channel. 

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May 29, 2021

Join Glenn, Craig, Producer Dave and the one and only Bruce Ford as we usher in the weekend with some great cocktails, conversations and comedic chaos.

May 28, 2021

We attended the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference earlier this month where Glenn Haussman hosted and moderated a franchising panel with some of the top franchising people in our beloved business. We get to the bottom of what hotel developers are thinking and how franchise companies are responding as we enter the post...

May 27, 2021

We're switching things up. Forget hotel news or interesting guests! Today, Glenn and Anthony are the guests and producer Dave and fans of the show cohost! 

May 26, 2021

Rob Smith is Executive Vice President Of Operations at Aimbridge Hospitality who runs its luxury, resort and full service division. Smith shares insider insights from the world's largest hotel management company, which runs more than 1,500 hotels, resorts and conference centers located throughout North America and...

May 25, 2021

Sean Worker is a renowned CEO, business consultant and author of The Adapters, which was created with the help of our very own Glenn Haussman. They discuss the keys to making smart business changes. Then, Amrita Nichols, VP of Global Accounts at ConferenceDirect, discusses what meeting planners are thinking right now.