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No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

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No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman is the travel industry’s most exciting podcast. A fun, fast paced genre bending program peeling back the travel business veneer. 
Perfect for road warriors, leisure travelers and industry insiders, we look behind the scenes of the travel business by sharing stories, experiences, and with interviews featuring the industry’s biggest names.

Host Glenn Haussman is a well know travel industry personality, renowned industry speaker, writer, consultant, host of and contributor to

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Apr 17, 2019

Is Your Hotel Deploying Right-sized Distribution?

What's Trending in Distribution?

One size doesn't fit all. Glenn and Estella chat with Millennium's SVP of Digital Distribution & Revenue Strategy about his approach to right-sizing distribution.  

Guest: Nayan Peshkar, SVP Digital Distribution & Revenue Strategy,...

Apr 14, 2019

Hubert Viriot, CEO of the innovative brand Yotel on building this brand that’s in airports, big cities and soon residences!!

First, Glenn speaks with Jagruti Panwala, who’s about to become chairperson of #AAHOA. They discuss the upcoming annual conference in San Diego and her journey as an AAHOA board-member.


Apr 7, 2019

To many, including host Glenn Haussman, think the future of hospitality is about community building. Philip Bates, CEO of Bode, agrees. He’s understands travel is about forging new connections and deepening existing ones. Bode creates places to make that happen.

First, Glenn speaks with Robert Schofield, General...

Apr 2, 2019

Expedia's Vivek Bhogaraju joins Glenn and Estella to talk about the current crossroads hoteliers find themselves with regards to understanding and adoption of today's revenue management systems.

Guest: Vivek Bhogaraju, Director, Revenue Management Systems, Expedia

Sponsors: Cendyn

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Mar 31, 2019

Raj Trivedi is President at La Quinta Brands Wyndham Hotel and Resorts. He discusses the brands purchase, where it’s headed and how his career arc got him to this place.

First, Glenn speaks with renowned hotel lawyer Jim Butler on the industry’s biggest legal issues, and Ron Kim, SVP Prospera Hotels on why the...